Publikationen des Jahres 2019

Audehm, S., M. Glaser, M. Pecoraro, E. Braunlein, S. Mall, R. Klar, M. Effenberger, J. Albers, H.O. Bianchi, J. Peper, N. Yusufi, D.H. Busch, S. Stevanovic, M. Mann, I. Antes, and A.M. Krackhardt. 2019.

Key Features Relevant to Select Antigens and TCR From the MHC-Mismatched Repertoire to Treat Cancer.

Front Immunol. 10:1485.

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Bhattacharjee, S., R. Mejias-Luque, E. Loffredo-Verde, A. Toska, M. Flossdorf, M. Gerhard, and C. Prazeres da Costa. 2019.

Concomitant Infection of S. mansoni and H. pylori Promotes Promiscuity of Antigen-Experienced Cells and Primes the Liver for a Lower Fibrotic Response.

Cell Rep. 28:231-244 e235.

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Buchholz, V.R., and D.H. Busch. 2019.

Back to the Future: Effector Fate during T Cell Exhaustion.

Immunity. 51:970-972.

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Casas, A.I., P.W. Kleikers, E. Geuss, F. Langhauser, T. Adler, D.H. Busch, V. Gailus-Durner, M.H. de Angelis, J. Egea, M.G. Lopez, C. Kleinschnitz, and H.H. Schmidt. 2019.

Calcium-dependent blood-brain barrier breakdown by NOX5 limits postreperfusion benefit in stroke.

J Clin Invest. 130:1772-1778.

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Castro Dias, M., C. Coisne, P. Baden, G. Enzmann, L. Garrett, L. Becker, S.M. Holter, C. German Mouse Clinic, M. Hrabe de Angelis, U. Deutsch, and B. Engelhardt. 2019.

Claudin-12 is not required for blood-brain barrier tight junction function.

Fluids Barriers CNS. 16:30.

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Cossarizza, A., H.D. Chang, A. Radbruch, A. Acs, D. Adam, S. Adam-Klages, W.W. Agace, N. Aghaeepour, M. Akdis, M. Allez, L.N. Almeida, G. Alvisi, G. Anderson, I. Andra, F. Annunziato, A. Anselmo, P. Bacher, C.T. Baldari, S. Bari, V. Barnaba, J. Barros-Martins, L. Battistini, W. Bauer, S. Baumgart, N. Baumgarth, D. Baumjohann, B. Baying, M. Bebawy, B. Becher, W. Beisker, V. Benes, R. Beyaert, A. Blanco, D.A. Boardman, C. Bogdan, J.G. Borger, G. Borsellino, P.E. Boulais, J.A. Bradford, D. Brenner, R.R. Brinkman, A.E.S. Brooks, D.H. Busch, M. Buscher, T.P. Bushnell, F. Calzetti, G. Cameron, I. Cammarata, X. Cao, S.L. Cardell, S. Casola, M.A. Cassatella, A. Cavani, A. Celada, L. Chatenoud, P.K. Chattopadhyay, S. Chow, E. Christakou, L. Cicin-Sain, M. Clerici, F.S. Colombo, L. Cook, A. Cooke, A.M. Cooper, A.J. Corbett, A. Cosma, L. Cosmi, P.G. Coulie, A. Cumano, L. Cvetkovic, V.D. Dang, C. Dang-Heine, M.S. Davey, D. Davies, S. De Biasi, G. Del Zotto, G.V. Dela Cruz, M. Delacher, S. Della Bella, P. Dellabona, G. Deniz, M. Dessing, J.P. Di Santo, A. Diefenbach, F. Dieli, A. Dolf, T. Dorner, R.J. Dress, D. Dudziak, M. Dustin, C.A. Dutertre, F. Ebner, S.B.G. Eckle, M. Edinger, P. Eede, G.R.A. Ehrhardt, M. Eich, P. Engel, B. Engelhardt, A. Erdei, et al. 2019.

Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition).

Eur J Immunol. 49:1457-1973.

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Cruz-Aguliar, R.M., N. Wantia, T. Clavel, M. Vehreschild, T. Buch, M. Bajbouj, D. Haller, D. Busch, R.M. Schmid, and C.K. Stein-Thoeringer. 2019.

An Open-Labeled Study on Fecal Microbiota Transfer in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Reveals Improvement in Abdominal Pain Associated with the Relative Abundance of Akkermansia Muciniphila.

Digestion. 100:127-138.

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Czechowska, K., J. Lannigan, L. Wang, J. Arcidiacono, T.M. Ashhurst, R.M. Barnard, S. Bauer, C. Bispo, D.L. Bonilla, R.R. Brinkman, M. Cabanski, H.D. Chang, L. Chakrabarti, G. Chojnowski, B. Cotleur, H. Degheidy, G.V. Dela Cruz, S. Eck, J. Elliott, R. Errington, A. Filby, D. Gagnon, R. Gardner, C. Green, M. Gregory, C.J. Groves, C. Hall, F. Hammes, M. Hedrick, R. Hoffman, J. Icha, J. Ivaska, D.C. Jenner, D. Jones, F.M. Kerckhof, C. Kukat, D. Lanham, S. Leavesley, M. Lee, S. Lin-Gibson, V. Litwin, Y. Liu, J. Molloy, J.S. Moore, S. Muller, J. Nedbal, R. Niesner, N. Nitta, B. Ohlsson-Wilhelm, N.E. Paul, S. Perfetto, Z. Portat, R. Props, S. Radtke, R. Rayanki, A. Rieger, S. Rogers, P. Rubbens, R. Salomon, M. Schiemann, J. Sharpe, S.U. Sonder, J.J. Stewart, Y. Sun, H. Ulrich, G. Van Isterdael, A. Vitaliti, C. van Vreden, M. Weber, J. Zimmermann, G. Vacca, P. Wallace, and A. Tarnok. 2019.

Cyt-Geist: Current and Future Challenges in Cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 Conference Workshops.

Cytometry A. 95:598-644.

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Deppe, H., L.M. Ritschl, E. Vacha, H. Rechl, N. Wantia, S. Wagenpfeil, and A. Sculean. 2019.

Periodontopathogenic bacteria in prosthetic joint infection: a retrospective analysis of 1,673 patients.

Quintessence Int. 50:694-703.

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Dewals, B.G., L.E. Layland, C. Prazeres da Costa, and W.G. Horsnell. 2019.

Maternal helminth infections and the shaping of offspring immunity.

Parasite immunology. 41:e12599.

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D'Ippolito, E., K. Schober, M. Nauerth, and D.H. Busch. 2019.

T cell engineering for adoptive T cell therapy: safety and receptor avidity.

Cancer Immunol Immunother. 68:1701-1712.

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Effenberger, M., A. Stengl, K. Schober, M. Gerget, M. Kampick, T.R. Muller, D. Schumacher, J. Helma, H. Leonhardt, and D.H. Busch. 2019.

FLEXamers: A Double Tag for Universal Generation of Versatile Peptide-MHC Multimers.

J Immunol. 202:2164-2171.

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Faist, B., F. Schlott, C. Stemberger, K.M. Dennehy, A. Krackhardt, M. Verbeek, G.U. Grigoleit, M. Schiemann, D. Hoffmann, A. Dick, K. Martin, M. Hildebrandt, D.H. Busch, and M. Neuenhahn. 2019.

Targeted in-vitro-stimulation reveals highly proliferative multi-virus-specific human central memory T cells as candidates for prophylactic T cell therapy.

PLoS One. 14:e0223258.

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Festag, M.M., J. Festag, S.P. Frassle, T. Asen, J. Sacherl, S. Schreiber, M.A. Muck-Hausl, D.H. Busch, K. Wisskirchen, and U. Protzer. 2019.

Evaluation of a Fully Human, Hepatitis B Virus-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor in an Immunocompetent Mouse Model.

Mol Ther. 27:947-959.

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Frahm, S., A. Anisuzzaman, U.F. Prodjinotho, N. Vejzagic, A. Verschoor, and C. Prazeres da Costa. 2019.

A novel cell-free method to culture Schistosoma mansoni from cercariae to juvenile worm stages for in vitro drug testing.

PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 13:e0006590.

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Grassmann, S., L.O. Pachmayr, J. Leube, L. Mihatsch, I. Andrae, S. Flommersfeld, J. Oduro, L. Cicin-Sain, M. Schiemann, M. Flossdorf and V.R. Buchholz. 2019.

Distinct Surface Expression of Activating Receptor Ly49H Drives Differential Expansion of NK Cell Clones upon Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection.

Immunity. S1074-7613(19)30195-5

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Guo, Y., Y. Zhang, M. Gerhard, J.J. Gao, R. Mejias-Luque, L. Zhang, M. Vieth, J.L. Ma, M. Bajbouj, S. Suchanek, W.D. Liu, K. Ulm, M. Quante, Z.X. Li, T. Zhou, R. Schmid, M. Classen, W.Q. Li, W.C. You, and K.F. Pan. 2019.

Effect of Helicobacter pylori on gastrointestinal microbiota: a population-based study in Linqu, a high-risk area of gastric cancer.

Gut. 2019 Dec.

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Gur, C., N. Maalouf, M. Gerhard, B.B. Singer, J. Emgard, V. Temper, T. Neuman, O. Mandelboim, and G. Bachrach. 2019.

The Helicobacter pylori HopQ outermembrane protein inhibits immune cell activities.

Oncoimmunology. 8:e1553487.

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Hassler, T., E. Urmann, S. Teschner, C. Federle, T. Dileepan, K. Schober, M.K. Jenkins, D.H. Busch, M. Hinterberger, and L. Klein. 2019.

Inventories of naive and tolerant mouse CD4 T cell repertoires reveal a hierarchy of deleted and diverted T cell receptors.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116:18537-18543.

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Hornburg, D., T. Kruse, F. Anderl, C. Daschkin, R.P. Semper, K. Klar, A. Guenther, R. Mejias-Luque, N. Schneiderhan-Marra, M. Mann, F. Meissner, and M. Gerhard. 2019.

A mass spectrometry guided approach for the identification of novel vaccine candidates in gram-negative pathogens.

Sci Rep. 9:17401.

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Hultquist, J.F., J. Hiatt, K. Schumann, M.J. McGregor, T.L. Roth, P. Haas, J.A. Doudna, A. Marson, and N.J. Krogan. 2019.

CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering of primary CD4(+) T cells for the interrogation of HIV-host factor interactions.

Nat Protoc. 14:1-27.

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Jensen, L.R., L. Garrett, S.M. Holter, B. Rathkolb, I. Racz, T. Adler, C. Prehn, W. Hans, J. Rozman, L. Becker, J.A. Aguilar-Pimentel, O. Puk, K. Moreth, M. Dopatka, D.J. Walther, V. von Bohlen Und Halbach, M. Rath, M. Delatycki, B. Bert, H. Fink, K. Blumlein, M. Ralser, A. Van Dijck, F. Kooy, Z. Stark, S. Muller, H. Scherthan, J. Gecz, W. Wurst, E. Wolf, A. Zimmer, M. Klingenspor, J. Graw, T. Klopstock, D. Busch, J. Adamski, H. Fuchs, V. Gailus-Durner, M.H. de Angelis, O. von Bohlen Und Halbach, H.H. Ropers, and A.W. Kuss. 2019.

A mouse model for intellectual disability caused by mutations in the X-linked 2'Omethyltransferase Ftsj1 gene.

Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis. 1865:2083-2093.

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Keib, A., Y.F. Mei, L. Cicin-Sain, D.H. Busch, and K.M. Dennehy. 2019.

Measuring Antiviral Capacity of T Cell Responses to Adenovirus.

J Immunol. 202:618-624.

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Klohe, K., J. Amuasi, J.M. Kaducu, I. Haavardsson, E. Bogatyreva, K.H. Onarheim, W. Harrison, F. Kristensen, C. Prazeres da Costa, and A.S. Winkler. 2019.

The 2017 Oslo conference report on neglected tropical diseases and emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases - focus on populations underserved.

Infect Dis Poverty. 8:40.

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Lowe, M.M., I. Boothby, S. Clancy, R.S. Ahn, W. Liao, D.N. Nguyen, K. Schumann, A. Marson, K.M. Mahuron, G.A. Kingsbury, Z. Liu, P. Munoz Sandoval, R.S. Rodriguez, M.L. Pauli, K. Taravati, S.T. Arron, I.M. Neuhaus, H.W. Harris, E.A. Kim, U.S. Shin, M.F. Krummel, A. Daud, T.C. Scharschmidt, and M.D. Rosenblum. 2019.

Regulatory T cells use arginase 2 to enhance their metabolic fitness in tissues.

JCI Insight. 4.

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Ludwig, E., J. Harder, M. Lacorcia, Y.J. Honkpehedji, O.P. Nouatin, G.J. van Dam, P. Corstjens, E. Sartono, M. Esen, S.M. Lobmaier, A.A. Adegnika, and C. Prazeres da Costa. 2019.

Placental gene expression and antibody levels of mother-neonate pairs reveal an enhanced risk for inflammation in a helminth endemic country.

Sci Rep. 9:15776.

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Mejias-Luque, R., I. Lozano-Pope, A. Wanisch, M. Heikenwalder, M. Gerhard, and M. Obonyo. 2019.

Increased LIGHT expression and activation of non-canonical NF-kappaB are observed in gastric lesions of MyD88-deficient mice upon Helicobacter felis infection.

Sci Rep. 9:7030.

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Neumeyer, V., M. Grandl, A. Dietl, A. Brutau-Abia, M. Allgauer, B. Kalali, Y. Zhang, K.F. Pan, K. Steiger, M. Vieth, M. Anton, R. Mejias-Luque, and M. Gerhard. 2019.

Loss of endogenous RNF43 function enhances proliferation and tumour growth of intestinal and gastric cells.

Carcinogenesis. 40:551-559.

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Neumeyer, V., M. Vieth, M. Gerhard, and R. Mejias-Luque. 2019.

Mutated Rnf43 Aggravates Helicobacter Pylori-Induced Gastric Pathology.

Cancers (Basel). 11.

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Rapp, M., M.W.M. Wintergerst, W.G. Kunz, V.K. Vetter, M.M.L. Knott, D. Lisowski, S. Haubner, S. Moder, R. Thaler, S. Eiber, B. Meyer, N. Rohrle, I. Piseddu, S. Grassmann, P. Layritz, B. Kuhnemuth, S. Stutte, C. Bourquin, U.H. von Andrian, S. Endres, and D. Anz. 2019.

CCL22 controls immunity by promoting regulatory T cell communication with dendritic cells in lymph nodes.

J Exp Med. 216:1170-1181.

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Rothe, K., C.D. Spinner, A. Ott, C. Querbach, M. Dommasch, C. Aldrich, F. Gebhardt, J. Schneider, R.M. Schmid, D.H. Busch, and J. Katchanov. 2019.

Strategies for increasing diagnostic yield of community-onset bacteraemia within the emergency department: A retrospective study.

PLoS One. 14:e0222545.

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Schober K, T.R. Müller, F. Gökmen,S. Grassmann,M. Effenberger,M. Poltorak, C. Stemberger,K. Schumann, T.L. Roth, A. Marson, D.H. Busch. 2019

Orthotopic replacement of T-cell receptor α- and β-chains with preservation of near-physiological T-cell function.

Nature Biomedical Engineering. (Epub ahead of printing)

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Segal, J., M. Mulleder, A. Kruger, T. Adler, M. Scholze-Wittler, L. Becker, J. Calzada-Wack, L. Garrett, S.M. Holter, B. Rathkolb, J. Rozman, I. Racz, R. Fischer, D.H. Busch, F. Neff, M. Klingenspor, T. Klopstock, N.M. Gruning, S. Michel, B. Lukaszewska-McGreal, I. Voigt, L. Hartmann, B. Timmermann, H. Lehrach, E. Wolf, W. Wurst, V. Gailus-Durner, H. Fuchs, H.d.A. M, H. Schrewe, M. Yuneva, and M. Ralser. 2019.

Low catalytic activity is insufficient to induce disease pathology in triosephosphate isomerase deficiency.

J Inherit Metab Dis. 42:839-849.

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Semper, R.P., M. Vieth, M. Gerhard, and R. Mejias-Luque. 2019.

Helicobacter pylori Exploits the NLRC4 Inflammasome to Dampen Host Defenses.

J Immunol. 203:2183-2193.

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Suren, C., S. Feihl, C. Querbach, P. Ramer, F. Pohlig, J. Thurner, R. Bernard, D. Busch, V.O.N.E.-R. R, and H.M.L. Muhlhofer. 2019.

Integrated IT Platform for Coordination of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Aftercare of Prosthetic Joint Infections.

In Vivo. 33:1625-1633.

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Tao, S., R. Tao, D.H. Busch, M. Widera, H. Schaal, and I. Drexler. 2019.

Sequestration of Late Antigens Within Viral Factories Impairs MVA Vector-Induced Protective Memory CTL Responses.

Front Immunol. 10:2850.

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Vetrivel, S., N. Tiso, A. Kugler, M. Irmler, M. Horsch, J. Beckers, D. Hladik, F. Giesert, V. Gailus-Durner, H. Fuchs, S. Sabrautzki, H.Z.M.G.R.C.f.E.H.G.N.G. German Mouse Clinic, T. Adler, I. Treise, D.H. Busch, A. Aguilar-Pimentel, M. Ollert, A. Gotz, O.V. Amarie, T. Stoeger, H. Schulz, L. Becker, T. Klopstock, A. Schrewe, N. Spielmann, R. Bekeredjian, L. Garrett, S.M. Holter, A. Zimprich, W. Wurst, P. Mayer-Kuckuk, W. Hans, J. Rozman, M. Klingenspor, F. Neff, P. da Silva-Buttkus, J. Calzada-Wack, I. Racz, A. Zimmer, B. Rathkolb, E. Wolf, C. Prehn, J. Adamski, M. Ostereicher, G. Miller, R. Steinkamp, C. Lengger, H. Maier, C. Stoeger, S. Leuchtenberger, V. Gailus-Durner, H. Fuchs, M. Hrabe de Angelis, M. Hrabe de Angelis, and J. Graw. 2019.

Mutation in the mouse histone gene Hist2h3c1 leads to degeneration of the lens vesicle and severe microphthalmia.

Exp Eye Res. S0014-4835(18)30702-4

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Voit, F.M., M. Abdelhafez, K. Rothe, J. Slotta-Huspenina, J. Gaa, R.M. Schmid, and C.D. Spinner. 2019.

[Disseminated tuberculosis mimicking metastatic gastric cancer - a case report].

Z Gastroenterol. 57:1487-1492.

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Zwick, M., T. Ulas, Y.L. Cho, C. Ried, L. Grosse, C. Simon, C. Bernhard, D.H. Busch, J.L. Schultze, V.R. Buchholz, S. Stutte, and T. Brocker. 2019.

Expression of the Phosphatase Ppef2 Controls Survival and Function of CD8(+) Dendritic Cells.

Front Immunol. 10:222.

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