Novel technologies in Global Health

Development of novel tools and processes like data analytics is a key factor for the elimination of many infectious diseases. Health technologies include ‘devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems’, and we approach them through innovation; implementing cutting edge technologies from proteomics to AI and machine learning to address global health problems in a feasible and sustainable manner with the aim of democratizing access to these technologies. We focus on diagnostics development, innovating new platforms, and repurposing existing ones; to improve Schistosoma detection, by making the leap in sensitivity and utility that is needed to reach the WHO goals of eliminating schistosomiasis by 2030.

Key questions

Current projects in “Novel technologies in Global Health”

  • Molecular testing for NTDs and female reproductive health
  • Uncovering hidden biomarkers of Schistosoma infection through high-throughput proteomics and novel analytics
  • CellFACE - digital hologram microscopy and microfluidics to enable powerful imaging cytometry