NTDs and Translational Immunology

Understanding the immunology of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) is one of the cornerstones for the development and design of new therapeutic strategies for affected populations. Using samples from human cohorts and from experimental mouse models of infection, and employing novel technologies, we investigate determinants of the host’s immune responses to the causative agents of the most relevant NTDs (e.g., schistosomiasis) to draw on the potential translational aspects in the fight against NTDs.

Key questions

Current projects in NTDs and Translational Immunology

  • The dynamic of macrophage activation during schistosomiasis and reinfection
  • Characteristics of the immune responses in HIV patients with Taenia solium (neuro)cysticercosis and during anti-helminthic treatment
  • Helminth-derived lipid mediators and extracellular vesicles as modulators of Treg induction and implication for immunotherapy
  • Investigating the impact of helminths on vaccine responses and efficacy